Drinking Dallas: Swan Court

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So the obvious question is what I am doing in a bar that only the very old frequent. Well, back in the day — 10 years ago, when i first was hired at Nortel — we worked in the building that houses Swan Court. Many was the time that our meetings either started or ended up there — but usually both. So, since my services at Nortel were no longer required, I thought one final visit to Swan Court would be nice. So, how was it?? Despite the abundance of the ultra geriatric, the place isn\’t that bad. It surprised me with Red Hook ESB and Broken Halo IPA on tap. For that alone I give this place a pass. It also had the usual suspects of bottled beer and a bar staff that knows how to mix up any drink. While waiting for my ex-co-workers, I had my obligatory crab cakes (hey, I love crab cakes). They were very nice with huge lumps of whole crab on a spicy aioli. Overall I give this place a solid B+. I\’m not sure I would ever go there for any reason other than nostalgia. But with a nice beer-on-tap selection and some solid crab cakes, you could do worse.

2435 North Central ExpresswaySuite 102, Richardson, Texas 75080

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