It\’s Just Like a Mini-Mall

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My flight to Newark left from the new Terminal-D at DFW. I checked the AA website before I left and it said I was leaving from C30. So, of course, I parked at Terminal-C. I got there and the flight had been moved to D16. So not only did I get to see the new terminal but I got to use the new SkyLink people mover. These are special times we live in.

In other travel related news, I am reporting that Sue from Survivor:Borneo and Survivor:All Stars was on my plane and sat in the row in front of me. I\’m not 100% sure. But it sure did look and, more importantly, sound just like her.

Also sitting in the row in front of me was, what I have since learned through the miracle of Wikipedia, a monk of the Syriac Orthodox Church. His strange garb, long ungroomed beard and middle eastern looks quickly had me rolling up magazines so that I might later save the plane from this obvious terrorist. Then he turned around and I saw that he was wearing a cross and I let out a \”Oh thank Christ!!\”.

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