Eating New Jersey: White Manna

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Located along the mostly non-toxic Hackensack River in beautiful crime-free Hackensack, New Jersey, White Manna is a Mecca for the lover of the Slyder (White Castle, Krystal).

But White Manna is better, fresher and more entertaining. Like the White Castle and Krystal, these are tiny hamburgers. Only White Manna uses fresh hamburger rather than frozen. Also, grilled onions are atop each burger rather than semi-reconstituted onion like substance. Each burger is grilled to perfection on a remarkably small grill. It is here where the magic really happens. You place your hamburer order, and your hamburger order only, with the grill chef. If you want fries, drinks or other item — of which there are few on the menu — you place it with the other workers in the restaurant. Amazingly the grill chef can remember everyone\’s order.

And be sure to have your ducks in a row when you do order. There is a Soup Nazi vibe to the place. But it is all worth it.

358 River StreetHackensack, NJ

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