Trivia Night at the Flying Saucer

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In order to provide fodder for this blog I am forced to do things so that I can later blog about it. So look forward to next week\’s review of the Sachse town square.

The first thing that caught my attention at Trivia Night was the emcee. This dude was a Danny Bayless starter-kit (producer of the Hardline, bassist of Sorta). OK, I get it. You\’re in a band. But for chrissake, you\’re my age — enough with the Rock&Roll hair already.

Useless Stuff I learned:

  • Neetsfoot oil is made from the shins and hooves of cattle and is use to condition leather. I also learned that there is something called neestfoot oil.
  • There are mosquitoes in New Hampshire.
  • Japan has a space program.

Major kudos to Glenn for pulling Billy Bob Thorton out of his ass on the question \”Who won the best screenplay Oscar in 1997 in a movie he stared and directed.\” He also thinks I should \”prop\” him for his \”Moonchild\” answer. But I didn\’t understand the question, and I have no idea what it refers to, so I\’m witholding my \”prop\” for now. Oh and Glenn, sorry for calling your co-worker a whore.

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  1. If you asked 100 folks that, 97 would miss it. The question was \”What did Atreyu name the child princess in \’The Never Ending Story\’?\” I think that proves my pop culture prowess pretty solidly…And my humbleness, too…

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