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My long (2 weeks?) struggle with a bacterial infection of unknown origin or location is finally over. My white cell count is back to normal after 2 shots of Rocephin and 10 doses of Avelox. And how long did it take for me to find out this datum? Almost 2 hours.

To minimize my wait, I got to PrimaCare this morning, at 8am — right when it opens. However there were already 5 people ahead of me. So i was not placed in a room until 8:55. There I sat for 15 minutes waiting for a someone to take my blood. In the previous 3 times I went, the test results came back in less than 5 minutes. This time, however, I waited at least 25 minutes for the PA to come in and tell me I\’m back to normal. So I finally left at just about 9:50am. And this is not atypical. My first visit lasted almost 3 hours.

I am convinced that there are businesses who\’s primary purpose is to make you wait. They somehow collect our lifeforce through unseen lifeforce collectors and sell our lifeforce to the super rich like Warren Buffet. PrimaCare clearly has this business model. And I think most car dealers do as well.


  1. What you think is lifeforce being sucked out of you is actually early onset arthritis from carrying your beerpong partner on your back…

  2. Antibiotics? I use water to get the sand out of my mangina.And what\’s sucking the lifeforce out of you is probably a woman. I\’m just sayin\’.

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