Trantor Approaches

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Huh?? What\’s Trantor?? You kids may understand the concept better as Coruscant. It\’s basically the sci-fi motif of a city completely encompassing an entire planet. A planet-city, if you will, and I know you will.

I bring this up because I had to take Lidia to her parent\’s house in Sachse so she could get her motorbike. Turning north on SH 78 (aka Garland Road for those living on the other side of White Rock Lake) from the Bush, we passed several miles of what appeared to be freshly minted suburban sprawl. After I dropped her off, I took a little road trip up 78 all the way to Farmersville to see how far north the sprawl travels. I can report that the general sprawl stops, for now, in Levon just south of Farmersville. But I doubt that will be the case in a year.

This was all very interesting to me after having read this article on Unfair Park the day before.

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