Drinking Dallas: Club Schmitz

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I played Ultimate for the first time since early May. A combination of torn calf, bacterial infection, travel and torrential rains has kept me away from the beloved plastic.

And while it was nice to strap the cleats back on (am I putting them on wrong????), the highlight of the evening was heading down to the Bachman Lake\’s foremost divebar — Club Schmitz. This place has everything you want in a dive: beer that\’s cold, cheap and yellow, food that\’s greasy and often fried in oil last changed when LBJ was a Senator, and a big-haired ornery waitress whose name may or may not be Flo. And it is the waitress that is the real treat at Club Schmitz. She always makes sure to leave you with the impression that she has something far more important to do than take your order of grilled cheese and onion rings.
So if you\’re in need of a beer, greasy food and a waitress with attitude and in the Love Field area, stop by. You\’ll be glad you did. Flo won\’t be glad, but you will.
Oh, and they have tater-tots. Which is nice.

9661 Denton Dr, Dallas, TX


  1. Her name is Sylvia. Just think about the ending of \”War of the Worlds\”.Sylvia! Sylvia! Sylvia!

  2. Club Schmitz looks like a dive, but it is anything but. I\’ve been a devotee for over forty years, and though I only make it by a few times a year now, I\’ve whiled away quite a few hours there, along with folks like Clint Murchison and Herb Kelleher. I\’ve never witnessed any seriously bad behavior (other than a bit of adulterous relationships perhaps). It remains one of the best bargains around. And though I\’ve only seen Sylvia a dozen or so times in the last decade, she still knows my order by heart and brings me my beer when she comes to confirm it. She always enquires about my kids. Long live Club Schmitz!

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