SoS Test Kitchen: Sauteed Pork Chops with Sherry-Berry Pan Gravy, Rhubarb Chutney

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One of my goals for my \”vacation\” is to not only cook more but to try new recipes. I finally had a chance to do just that.

The dish I tried was Sauteed Pork Chops with Sherry-Berry Pan Gravy, Rhubarb Chutney courtesy of Rachel Ray\’s 30 Minutes Meals show on the Food Network.
I have never knowingly eaten rhubarb and I wasn\’t real excited to try it. While chopping, it emitted an odor that was not very pleasant. And I can\’t say, that after trying this, I\’ll ever jump at another chance to eat rhubarb. Even Alex left it for last when I gave her my dish to clean up. She eventually ate it all. But with every bite she gave me a \”What is this shit??\” look.
The pork chops, on the other hand, were great. This was also the first time I have cooked with cherry. And the cherry-berry gravy had just the right sweet/buttery flavor to complement the chops.
So, I\’ll definitely make the pork chops again. But I\’ll leave the rhubarb for others to \”enjoy\”.


  1. Don\’t dog rhubarb (or Rhabarber, as my baker calls it)!and didn\’t you learn anything from the Brady Bunch? APPLESAUCE goes with pork chops!

  2. Oh right. What was I thinking. But more importantly, isn\’t there something fun you should be doing at, what?, 11:30pm in the Dorf?

  3. Try strawberry rhubarb pie. It\’s pretty awesome. I used to love it as a kid.

  4. A bitter tang to complement the strawberries and strawberry sauce. Plus, when it comes to bitter tang…I figured you were an expert.

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