Eating Dallas: Twisted Root Burger Co.

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I figured I would try out my new temporary crown and create some blog material with a visit to a new restaurant. Browsing through the latest D Magazine I came across a place I\’ve been meaning to try for quite a while now, Twisted Root Burger Co. And to quote Jules Winnfield, \”That is one tasty burger\”. And being the thorough blogger that I am, I ordered the works: A Western Burger (bacon, jalapenos, pepper jack, onion ring), combo fries (sweet potato chips and skin-on white potato) and a chocolate shake. Clearly I was also attempting to be featured on the next episode of I Eat 33,000 Calories a Day.

Let\’s start with what\’s not so great. The regular fries were just OK. The Libertine\’s garlic fries are the current gold standard for fries. And these don\’t come close. They\’re a good fry, but I would not get them again. The really disappointing part was the sweet potato fries. First, they were really chips. I was expecting fries like I\’ve had at The Alchemist. Secondly, they had a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar on them. WHAT!!! NO!!. Sweet potato fries should be savory. How about some chipotle salt? That would be great. Alex did prefer the sweet potato over the regular, though.

The chocolate shake was just OK as well. Yes, it was better than a Frosty. But they didn\’t have strawberry. And that\’s my shake flavor of choice.

But this place is all about the burger. I mean it\’s right there in its name. The meat is perfectly cooked with a slight saltiness. And the bacon, oh the bacon, was quintessential smokey perfection.

So on my next trip, and there will be a next trip, I\’m going to skip the fries and shake and just get the burger. I don\’t want to lose my girlish figure, ya know.

Oh, and by the way, this meal was not cheap. This whole meal cost $15 plus $2 for parking.


2615 Commerce St. / Dallas, TX 75226


  1. If by girlish figure you mean \”man boobs\”, please have another shake…

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