Root Canal

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One of the things that I\’ve been putting off during my vacation is the replacement of my one and only crown. Just before I got laid off — well maybe a bit longer than that even — I was stupidly eating some toffee and my crown got pulled out. There was no pain and it didn\’t bother me. So I thought I would wait until I had the time to get it fixed. Well, after almost a month of laidoffedness, I finally made my way to my new dentist at The Dental Center of Lakewood. And after a quick xray I was presented with the great news that I needed a root canal before the crown could be replaced.

It wasn\’t as bad/painful as countless sitcoms have made me believe. The worst part was the smell emitted by the drilling. Clearly the Great Maker did not even consider major dentistry when she put the nose right above the mouth. Still, it was no walk in Tietze park. The best part was that there was no waiting. They just opened the week before. So, if you live in Lakewood and need a dentist and don\’t like to wait, give these guys a try.

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