You Can\’t Go Home Again

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Sometimes it takes me a while to come up with an angle for a post. This is certainly the situation for this post. Last Wednesday, after having lunch with Matt at Piranha (there\’s no point in reviewing it, everyone knows it\’s the best sushi in the world), I wondered up to my old home town of Flower Mound. The intent was to check out the bike route I used to take when I lived up there. With all my free time, I don\’t have to limit myself to just White Rock Lake. In fact, that was one of the reasons I lived there — easy access to farm roads for much biking. But, after 3 1/2 years worth of progress, expansion, sprawl or what have you, my old bike route is virtually unbikeable. The giant Super Target is just one of the ultra traffic attractors that would make any ride dangerous.
The other thing that struck me — and strikes me whenever I venture out to the Mid Cities — is how fucking far that place is. Good Christ what was I thinking. Kris10, if you\’re still reading this, thank you for putting up with that ass beating drive.

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