Netflix Review: Who\’s Your Daddy (2003)

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OK. This was just terrible. I\’m a bit embarrassed that I watched it. I was really hung over and had nothing else to watch. Honest!

This movie so wants to be American Pie. It couldn\’t get Eugene Levy, so it got Dave Thomas (not the Wendy\’s guy, who\’s dead) another SCTV alumnus.

This is the farcical tale of an adopted Ohio high school boy who finds out that his real parents have died and were the biggest smut peddlers of all the land. And he is now in charge of the smut empire, but his evil uncle is out to get him.

First off, if this is going to be a about porn, COULD WE HAVE SOME FUCKING NUDITY!!!!!!! Is that too much to ask??? Really?? We couldn\’t get half of Ali Landry\’s nipple??
  • 4 breasts
  • nerdy hot chick
  • porn-mag-fu
  • high-school-bully-fu

A horrible movie that only should be viewed if you cannot move off of the couch.

King Wally reluctantly says check it out.


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