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What is the deal with Chick-Fil-A? Every time I go there the drive thru line is backed up into the street. And it doesn\’t matter which Chick-Fil-A I go to or when I go. Is it the waffle-fries? They are the tastiest of all fast food fries. (I get bonus points for alliteration). It\’s a fine establishment. Don\’t get me wrong. I\’m just curious as to why it\’s always packed. I suspect some sort of islamofacist money laundering. But I haven\’t worked it all out what with the Weekly World News shutting down.


  1. No one else has what they have. No one else has those fries and that delicious chicken – on buttered bread or in yummy little nuggets.It\’s addictive. It only saddens me that the founder is an right-wing extremist.

  2. I just call it \”the News\” — everyone knows it\’s the industry standard for journalism.I only commented because it might make michelle think I\’m cool.

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