Eating Dallas: Big D Dogs

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Man I really wanted to love this place. The idea of a neighborhood hot dog stand makes me happy. But, unfortunately, I may have to stick with the dogs at Burger House.

In order to properly judge the place I ordered two dogs, my usual (onions and mustard only) and one of their specialty dogs — The Greenville Ave Dog (Shiner chili, onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, cilantro). The first punch in the nuts was that these 2 dogs totaled just shy of $10. That\’s with no soda, no beer, no fries, no nothing — just 2 dogs.

I started off with my usual and I knew something was wrong with the very first bite. The dog was mushy. No teeth are necessary to eat this dog. You can just mush it up with your tongue. And the flavor was way too similar to Vienna sausage with little smokey flavor at all. The dog by which I judge all Dogs is the Sabrett . A staple of the dog cart of the NYC, it is the best dog in the world and has a rich smokey flavor..

The Greenville dog was much, much better. The dog itself was the same. But the toppings really made a difference. The chili was flavorful and the fresh jalapenos and cilantro really brightened an already good dish. But I couldn\’t help but think that this would be just as good on a flavorless poached chicken breast.

They also serve a variety of french fries (garlic, chili, cheese …) and shakes. Neither of which I tried. However I do plan to give this place another chance and at least try the fries. I really do want to like the place. It\’s open late on the weekends for the post bar crowd. That might be the time to go for not only the dogs but also the show.


3611 A Greenville Ave Dallas, TX75206


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