Netflix Review: Cashback

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\”Like an otter\’s pocket.\”

I\’m taking a break from reviewing dreadful American teen sex comedies and switching to dreadful English college space/time manipulation comedies. Well, that\’s probably a bad adjective. Cashback isn\’t dreadful — just tedious.

Cashback is the story of a art schooler Ben Willis. He breaks up with his long time girlfriend and finds he can no longer sleep. I think we can all relate to that. So, with the extra 8 hours he has every day, he takes an overnight job at a grocery store. It is here that he learns that he can stop time. And here is where the movie is the most believable. Because when he stops time, he disrobes the women shopping at the grocery store and draws their naked forms. If this were a Jim Carrey or Adam Sandler type movie they would use the extra time to work on the big account or do something sweet for their unappreciative wife/gf. But really, if the average 20 year old had this power — off come the drawers.

Unfortunately this film can\’t decide if it wants to be The Office in a grocery store or a contemplative commentary on life using the sci-fi motif of time stoppage. And while that sounds like a combo-platter that should be right in my wheel-house, it comes up short. The laughs are few and the time stoppage is used only to get the chicks naked. I guess I\’m getting old, because I need more than just that. I need some cuddling too.

  • 19 breasts
  • 2 old guy farts
  • 1 soccer ball to the face
  • 1 life altering naked Swedish exchange student.
  • grocery item fu
  • actual kung fu

King Wally says check it out.


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