TSoS Test Kitchen: Rosemary Chicken

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I thought this looked so pretty I had to take a picture. This is really not a The Summer of Steve Test Kitchen Item. I\’ve made rosemary chicken dozens of times. But I have always baked it since, until recently, I didn\’t have a grill.

Here\’s the final dish with spinach pasta in a vodka sauce.

For the chicken, mix several cloves of chopped garlic, olive oil, rosemary, lemon zest, ginger and a little lemon juice with 2 whole breasts. Marinate for an hour or so. Grill until done. Pretty simple and pretty good.

The vodka sauce is from the Sept 2007 issue of Food and Wine. Unfortunately it is not available online at this time.


  1. Seriously. You need to cook for women. That\’s your in…I\’ll get \’em to your place, you cook for \’em…You\’re golden

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