Eating Dallas: Mac\’s BBQ

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This is probably going to be a quick review as I spent most of my time at Mac\’s eating and not jotting down notes.

For BBQ, I think I will switch to a more formatted review. So here goes.

  • Brisket — Tasty, although drier than I anticipated from other reviews. Trent later admitted that the brisket was drier than usual. It was not as smokey as I thought it would be.
  • Sausage — Very good with a nice peppery flavor. A little bit more fat than at Peggy Sue\’s. But this is a good thing.
  • Ribs — Fantastic. I don\’t know what else to say. I brought the bones home for Alex, to which Trent commented \”Why bother? You didn\’t leave any meat for her\”.
  • Sauce — The good news is this BBQ doesn\’t need sauce. The bad is that the sauce they do have isn\’t that good. In fact it mostly tasted of A1 Steakesauce to me.
  • Sides — I had the green beans and potato salad. Both were good but not spectacular. But I\’m here for BBQ. So who cares.
  • Atmosphere — It\’s exactly what you want for a BBQ dive. An old lady manning the register, fake wood paneling. Absolutely perfect.

It\’s only open for lunch. Get there early.


3933 Main Street, Dallas, Texas 75226


  1. An \”A\”? Really? You didn\’t sound that stoked about it and yet you give it an \”A\”? I just don\’t if I can trust you anymore.

  2. I didn\’t give it a A+. Geez. It\’s my blog and I\’ll give whatever scores I want. So there.

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