Eating Dallas: Sherlock\’s

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Just curious. Why would an English pub have tortas and quesadillas on its menu? Well I skipped right over the abundance of Mexican dishes offered by Sherlock\’s and headed right to the English Pub staple — Fish & Chips.

And for this bland soulless pub, the Fish & Chips didn\’t dissappoint. They were bland and flavorless. The dish came with two pieces of fish and an abundance of generic chain restaurant french fries. Again, why would an English pub put Lowry\’s seasoning on their freedom fries?

Well the first fish actually wasn\’t bad. The batter was crisp albeit with little flavor. But the fish was flacky and acceptable. However the second piece was mushy and a bit slimy. And the tartar sauce is cleary from a jar.

If you\’re getting drunk on your cougar hunt at Sherlock\’s, the fish and chips are acceptable. But if you crave them, go to The Old Monk.

9100 N Central Expy, Dallas

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