The Bad Boys of Trivia

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So why was I at Sherlock\’s? The Jester suggested it for their Wednesday night trivia. And, since I\’m always looking for blog fodder, I jumped at it. Am I starting to repeat myself???

Like much of everything at Sherlock\’s, trivia was generically implemented. 10 questions were asked 1 each after a couple of songs. The questions were all over the place. From \”What is the oldest continuously family owned business in the US?\” to \”Who wrote The Star-Spangled Banner?\”. Which begs the question, why don\’t we you use the word \”spangled\” anymore? It\’s in our national anthem. You would think we would use it more.

Once the answers were revealed, I didn\’t think we did well. I supplied the answer \”Maxim Magazine\” for \”Which magazine outsold Playboy and Penthouse in advertising in 2000.\” The Jester foolishly thought it was National Geographic. Get it? Jester. Foolish. Anyone??

Glenn provided Oklahoma City for \”Where was the first parking meter installed.\”. The question that cost us a tie for first was \”What company invented ice beer\”. I immediately answered \”Molson\”. And, as the next question was being asked, I mournfully cried \”Now watch it be Labatt\’s.\” Indeed, it was Labatt\’s.

But the fun began as the manager/mc announced the winners. \”Coming in second. Well, I\’m not going to say their team name. But the team members are King Wally and The Jester\”. High fives abounded. The team next to us, who came in first, asked Glenn \”Oh wow, what\’s your team name?\” To which he replied, \”Imma Dooshbague\”.

As Glenn spoke with the winners, the manager, who was a real Mr. Vernon, came over and handed me the $50 gift certificate for booze/food on our next visit to Sherlock\’s.

\”I almost disqualified you guys for that name. Please don\’t do that again or I will disqualify you next time.\”

I replied, \”Oh, sorry about that. We usually play at Flying Saucer where the dirtier the name the better.\”

\”Right, well don\’t do it again.\”

So, since we have $50 burning a hole in our collective pockets, we will be going back. But next time, our name will be: Nicey McNicerstontonson.


  1. Sherlock\’s is full of dooshbagues!I like this blog posting…it makes me miss you and the jester a super bunch!

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