Eating Donuts for Charity

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Late Friday afternoon an urgent plea was sent out for participants in a jelly donut eating contest somehow supporting United Cerebral Palsy. I\’m a charitable dude in desperate need for blog content and I like jelly donuts. So, Big Dave, Abel and I (with Angry Jen as our cheering section) made our way to the West Village for the United Cerebral Palsy Elvis Run Jelly Jam.

OK. I need to take a 20 here. So someone at United Cerebral Palsy thought it would be a great idea to put together a fun run commemorating the death of Elvis Presley — a known avid jogger. And to promote their event, well, nothing says fitness enthusiast more than stuffing your face with a baker\’s dozen jelly donuts in 3 minutes. Oh, and for good measure, let\’s hold this outside, so the jelly donuts liquefy in the August heat. And let\’s make sure there\’s plenty of hot coffee.

So we\’re standing around sizing up our competition, the Dallas Fire Department. Then, a coordinator of the event comes up to us and asks \”Uhm, so the Dallas Police have showed up and want to challenge the fireman. So if you guys step down, we\’ll give you each a $50 Brinker gift certificate.\” To which we replied in unison \”Done and Done!\”.

We were still able to have our fill of donuts. I had 3. For charity I could have probably stuffed 10 into my donut hole.

It feels good to give back to the community like this.

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  1. First off, the name is now Busty Jen. Next, where was dear little Louise when all these Brinker Bucks were getting thrown around?

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