I\’m Dumb

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I\’m in the tedious process of buying a new car. The 4Runner is dead and the S2000 is not practical for a semi-nation wide road trip I have planned. So the last step of buying a car just before you show up to the dealership, is get your trade-in washed.

I took the Honda down to the Mighty Fine on Greenville and Walnut Hill. After perusing the fine scents and automotive accouterments, I noticed my car was getting dowsed with 3 colors of liquids (so you know it\’s good) and headed over to the cashier. And it is at this point that I realized that I have left my wallet at home.

\”Uhm. This is real embarrassing. But I\’ve left my wallet at home. If I leave my phone, can I go get it and then pay when I get back?\”, I meekishly asked.

The cashier, thankfully, agreed, and I raced home. Well, not really since I didn\’t want to get pulled over without a license.


  1. As much as I\’ve never heard you called \”King Wally the Slim\”…I also have never heard you referred to as \”King Wally the Exceptionally Bright\”…Though \”King Wally aka the Crown Prince of Pop Culture\” does have quite a ring to it.Love, TAFKATJ

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