Trivia Night at Sherlock\’s II

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With $50 of food and beer at our disposal, The Jester and I felt obliged to defend our second place finish at Sherlock\’s. Plus, it was just too fucking hot to play Ultimate.

Once again we got the overly minutiaed 10 questions that is the Sherlock\’s trivia night. Some questions of interest were:

  • Chocolate, lilac and bourbon red are types of what kind of bird? (Turkeys)
  • The maximum speed of the first locomotive was? (5 mph).

There was also a controversial question. What company distributed the first credit card? We both thought Diner\’s Club. But the \”correct\” answer was American Express. But upon checking with Wikipedia, Diner\’s Club is the correct answer.

However, officially we answered 5 out of 10. 1 worse than our score last week. However, this was good enough for a tie for 1st. After the first tie breaker (name the top 5 fruits produced world wide) we were still tied. So, The Jester went Mano-a-Mano with the best of the other team. The questions, \”How many square feet in an acre?\” was easy pickens for the realtor. So we got yet another $50 second place finish.


  1. And we barely managed to make it to our $50 tab…I still taste Jalepeno poppers…

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