Preparing for Martinipalooza

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I\’m sorry the postings this week have been rarer than panties on The Jester\’s bedroom floor (and I mean women\’s panties). There\’s really no excuse. I\’ve had a bit of a blogger\’s block. I\’m not sure what I\’m supposed to write about for a disappointing FJ Cruiser test drive or when I have dinner with my mom at Piranha.

But today has been productive. The Wallagio is being cleaned from top to bottom — with an extra emphasis on bottom (I have no idea what that means). The booze has been purchased — and quite a bit of booze I must say. I still need to buy some mixers, beer and some food units.
So, hopefully Marinipalooza will provide enough material to make up for my poor performance this week.


  1. Fortunately, your mother left one GIANT pair of panties on my nightstand. Ahh, the smell of dust and Massengil…

  2. That\’s ridiculous. My mom doesn\’t even wear panties. ugh. i just puked a little in my mouth.

  3. Well…She definitely wasn\’t wearing any when I showed her how to do a little ball juggling…

  4. No martinipalooza review? C\’mon…You\’re slacking…

  5. It\’s coming. 1) I wanted to spread the posts out throughout the day. 2) I have many thoughts but not an overriding theme.

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