Texas 2 Finger

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I had intended to provide an extensive report on Dallas\’ only Ultimate tournament. But the King enjoys his comforts. And, since he (why am I writing in the third person?) is King, he was offered a luxury skybox from which to view the tossing of Frisbees. Well, really, it was Peach\’s balcony that looks out onto the Las Colinas Polo Fields from across Royal. And after enjoying several beers, and slices of pizza and chicken wings, it was decreed that Winter League should be enjoyed in a similar fashion.
As for 2Finger, well, the picture above says it all. From the skybox, it looked more like hat games than a full fledged (i\’m not sure I\’ve ever written that word before) Ultimate tournament. There is no truth to the rumor that the 2 in 2Finger stands for the number of teams that played. The weather was nice but humid with widely scattered showers.
Traffic and weather on the eights.


  1. In all fairness, the south end of the field had substantially more players. About 225 at the tourney as a whole.

  2. Mileage (Dallas masters) in the open division and Flash Flood from Houston in the coed.

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