Test Drive: Nissan Xterra

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Hopefully by the end of today or tomorrow I\’ll have myself a new car. After the disappointing FJ Cruiser test drive last week, which I regrettably did not blog about, I\’m now strongly leaning towards the Nissan Xterra with this dark gray (Night Armor) exterior. But oh how I hate the dance that is car buying — all the fake waiting around and such.


  1. Turn the pressure around on them… You do not need a car, but they need to sell you one. Everytime they counteroffer, tell them that you need to talk it over with either your mother or tafkatj…You can also consider going to someplace that does no hassle.

  2. I\’ll dress up as the elf and stand by your side and sing Christmas carols very quietly through the whole process… They\’ll be so freaked out, they\’ll just give you the best deal to get you the hell outta there…

  3. I finally just heard back from their Internet sales. So i\’m going to go get it first thing tomorrow. I\’ve got stuff to do this afternoon. Plus there\’s no hurry.

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