Bought Finally!

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I spent the better part of Thursday afternoon purchasing my new Nissan Xterra. I believe I now must purchase a Suburu to complete the Japanese auto hat trick. I have had a Mitsubishi Gallant, Mazda Miata, Toyota 4Runner, Honda S2000 and now a Nissa Xterra.

So, here she is:

The back with the hatch up. The ultimate bag already in place.

The vehicle comes with a first aid kit for all the Xtreme activities I\’ll be doing.

Cool stereo that plays MP3s.

The view from the Captain\’s seat.

It\’s hard to tell in this light, but it\’s not black. It\’s dark armor. Kind of a dark gray.

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  1. Maybe the view from the captain\’s seat should include the road you\’re driving on?Hopefully the dark armor will protect you from all the bodies that hit your car…

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