Movie Review: Superbad

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No one has gotten a handjob wearing cargo shorts since Nam.

Hey. How\’s this for a opening line to a movie review? \”Superbad was SUPER GOOD!!!!\” hahahahahahahahaha. Thanks Norm.

This is truly the funniest movie I\’ve seen in many years — funnier than Borat or 40 Year Old Virgin. I\’m not sure if you, my gentle readers, are aware of this, but I\’m a bit of what they call a nerd. So maybe there is a great deal of relating to the material going on here. But this is a genuinely sweet and highlarryasslee funny teen movie the likes of which we haven\’t seen since Fast Times.

There\’s really not much more to say except \”Stop reading this blog and go see this fucking movie. NOW!!!!\”

  • 2 breasts
  • countless sketches of penises
  • 1 drunken hobo
  • 1 visiting Aunt Flo
  • drunken fu
  • police car fu

Academy award nomination for best conjugation of the word fellatio.

King Wally says check it out.


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