Eating Melissa: (Hot) Carl\’s Jr.

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Yes, that is my most juvenile headline ever. Thank you for noticing.

Back when I was in high school, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, Carl\’s Jr was all over the area. And they used to be my favorite fast food place. Back then, they used to top every burger with an onion ring. Now that\’s class. So, when I found out there was one in Anna (ok, it\’s really in Anna, but Melissa is a funnier name) I had to make the trek.

This particular Carl\’s Jr. is located within a truckstop on US 75 in Anna, just north of McKinney. The service here was a bit, uhm, questionable. First, I wasn\’t even in the queue and was being asked what I wanted as I was gazing heavenward at the colorfor menu board. Then, after asking for the Six Dollar Bacon Cheese Burger (that\’s what it\’s called, the Six Dollar Burger, it\’s Angus — giggle) the cashier blankly looked at me and asked what number that was. I only mention this since in 4-5 years Anna will be the new Murphy which is the new Allen. And for those planning on moving out there, I am warning that the schools may not be all that good. Just sayin.

The burger was good for a fast food burger. But not quite as good as a Whataburger. The fries were the strange battered type that Burger King has. And I made the cardinal mistake of not telling them to hold the cheese. Even though it was a Six Dollar Burger, the cheese was generic processed American cheese food. Do people really like this shit on their burger?? To me it leeches out the flavor of the burger. Now a nice aged cheddar or provalone or manchego (which I always get on my burger at The Libertine) can make a burger better.

Overall, this is not the Carl\’s Jr. I remember from my youth. Probably some kind of combination of refined palate, disappearance of the onion ring and countless nights of binge drinking.


1701 US Highway 75 Anna, TX 75409-4431

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