Drinking Plano: M & S Beer and Wine

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Heading home from my trip up north, I stopped by this place to see what tasty Lagunitas offerings they had. And upon seeing The Hairy Eyeball staring back at me I was as giddy as Glenn on the day the new Men\’s Fitness comes out.

For the uninitiated, The Hairy Eyeball is this country\’s finest beer. A petulant 22oz barley wine that deftly balances a strong malty sweetness with the bitterness of Oregon\’s finest hops. Besides the Vicadin Colada, it is the closest thing to a liquid orgasm available over the counter in the US. And I am now the proud owner of three (soon to be two, well probably soon to be none) of them.

This place is basically a gas station, but has a nice selection of beer and wine. But most importantly, it always has something good from Lagunitas.

18131 Coit Rd Dallas, TX 75252

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  1. Actually, if you must now…It\’s \”Muscle Monthly\” that gets me all hot and bothered. Get it right or pay the price.

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