Where are all the Dairy Queens?

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My trip to Carl\’s Jr. was really only a portion of a larger trip through north Texas. I decided to take the Xterra out to the country and do some drivin. On my trip, I noticed a few things. First, Frisco damn near goes all the way to Oklahoma. I remember when I first moved back to Dallas and Frisco was nothing but farmland and whore houses. Ahh sweet memories.

Second, what has happened to the Texas tradition of a DQ in even the smallest of towns? I drove up Preston Rd all the way to Sherman and saw only 1 Dairy Queen building and it had clearly been vacant for a couple of decades. Instead, it seems, every town has a Sonic. So I guess Sonic is the new Dairy Queen. Still, how can you really grow up in a small Texas town without a single Dilly Bar under your belt??

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  1. There\’s one in Garland, but I wouldn\’t recommend it. I had a bad incedent with steak fingers. I think there\’s one in Red Bird on 45…I too, miss my DQs.

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