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Today I went to my Right Management Resumé course. So I basically had to rewrite my resumé from scratch. In doing so, I was reminded of jobs and places, both literal and spiritual, from over a decade ago. Looking back at those years in Houston and those early years in Dallas was not a lot of fun for me. Stuff like this one:

SPERRY-SUN, Houston, TX 1991 – 1992
Designed and implemented a Microsoft Windows based application for simplifying the data input for the worldwide movement of capital equipment and related information. (MS C)

really make me feel like this has all been a waste and I don\’t want to do it anymore. I\’m talking about programming. I\’m not getting all Owen Wilson on you.


  1. I currently have the Owen Wilson Health Watch on my door. It reads, \”My VicodinColada didn\’t go so well. I\’m currently getting some R+R at Cedars Senai. Check back tomorrow to see how things are going!\”

  2. I had that up early this a.m.You\’re using my jokes.They all thought I was a bad person.

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