Observation at Mockingbird Station

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Yeah, this is a little late. I\’ve actually been kinda busy this week.

So reflecting on my trip to Mockingbird Station yesterday (well, by this time two days ago) I had a few observations.

1) It was nice to see the park and ride lot closest to the DART station full. Well, except for I wanted to park there. I guess the increase in gas prices have finally forced Dallasites to ride the DART. For the one month I actually rode the train regularly to work back in 2005, I could easily find a parking spot close to the station. But back then gas was $1 a gallon.

2) I was also surprised at how few people were milling about the Mockingbird Station on a fairly nice Wednesday afternoon. The Urban Taco was mostly full at lunchtime. But it emptied out quickly after I got there. Oh, wow. Maybe it was me. Well the parking garage was nearly empty. So maybe it wasn\’t me.

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