Eating Las Colinas: Via Real

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I met up with Peach for some lunch out in the northern burbs and ended up at Via Real. And this place is the very definition of suburban dining. First off, this place strives to be an upscale-ish Mexican restaurant. And I guess that means there can be no spice anywhere within 500 feet of the plate. And do we really need valet (and thus all the closest spaces blocked of) for lunch???

We started out with some chips and guac. Their guac was good, but creamy instead of chunky. It could have used some extra onion or garlic and, of course, jalapeno. The chips were of the thin pasta flavored typed. The salsa was also good but nothing to write a blog about.

For my meal I had to make a big decision. There is one big rule in Mexican food dining — never get the seafood. But this was a upscale restaurant, and I figured they would have good seafood. So I got the seafood enchiladas. They weren\’t bad, but they didn\’t have much flavor. Worse yet, they came with corn that was clearly out of a can.

For dessert we got this tortilla wrapped cinnamon cheese cake. It too was OK. The tortilla seemed a bit stale, like it had been made many hours ago. It did come with a couple of delicious strawberries. So it get points for that.


4020 North MacArthur Boulevard Irving, TX 75038-6413

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