KoolerBall V

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Once again the Jester flawlessly pulled off another holiday weekend Koolerball extravaganza. Good times flowed like beer down my throat. I wish I had more to report, but there was too much fun and beer to remember stuff. And what I can remember should probably just be kept to myself. What happens in the Village stays in the Village. I do have quite a cache of photos for later blackmail, though.

Oh, and I did learn that I am able to sleep semi-comfortably in the Xterra.


  1. King Wally…you should be in more pics. I want to see King Wally!!Waaaay too many pics of Glenn and his tum tum. Who\’s pool?

  2. Jen and Pokie had a camera as well. Once they\’ve have posted their pix, I\’ll add the link.And, the camera loves Glenn.

  3. I agree… no one wants to see my tum tum. Not even me.

  4. I noticed some restraint there. Isn\’t there one picture of our fair jester missing? Scandalous!

  5. The Jester appreciates the restraint as he was under the influence of stupid honey liquor…

  6. I will be selling the unpublished pictures as part of my Jesters and Baristas Gone Wild collection.

  7. The Barista also appreciates the restraint and will no longer be providing honey whiskey to any events.

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