Eating Dallas: Zushi Sushi

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I should have known when I saw that this place comes from San Antonio that I was in for mediocrity. SA is not exactly know as a gastronomic epicenter. The restaurants down at the river walk basically rob the tourists bland.

This place is gigantic. I think you could put both Piranhas, Tei Tei and Teppo in it and still have room for My Martini\’s bar area. And it pipes in the ubiquitous dance/techno music all \”trendy\” place must beat their patrons down with. Seriously, if I want to hear that crap, I\’ll go to a craphole bar like Candleroom. Well, if I could get it, that is.

We started off with edamame, of course. Curiously it was dusted with regular table salt and not the usual Kosher or sea salt. Secondly, it had obviously just come out of the microwave. It had the same damage done to it as when I put my green beans in too long.

Well, really who cares about edamame any ways. How was the raw fish? We got white tuna, hamachi (yellow tail tuna) and fresh salmon sashimi. The fresh salmon was large and thick and buttery. Definitely the best of the three. The white tuna was somewhere between ok and flavorless. It lacked all of the subtleties one gets with the white tuna at Piranha. And the center was very cold; as if it hadn\’t been completely thawed. Finally the hamachi was unlike any hamachi I\’ve ever had. And I don\’t mean this in a good way. It was very fishy and still had the skin on. I\’m not even sure now it was hamachi.

We then got two rolls — the bora bora and the yummy yummy. Unfortunately their website has not been updated with these rolls so I\’m unable to properly describe what was in them. The bora bora had tempura shrimp, avocado, cream cheese topped with a sriracha sauce and another sauce. The first bite was tasty. But with every successive bite, the cream cheese became overwhelming. The yummy yummy also had tempura shrimp and was topped with eel. And for something with eel, it was fairly flavor-lacking (sorry, I have to come up with new ways to describe bland and flavorless). Both rolls were a bit of a chore to finish.

Oh and this place is very proud of their sushi. 2 people drinking only water were set back $65. Some of these problems may be attributed to going for a late-ish lunch on Labor day. But the the quest for sushi in Dallas of the quality of Piranha continues.


3858 Oak Lawn Ave. Suite 145


  1. I\’m just loving it!You are a great writer and, indeed a true \”waever of words\” as it were!Although I\’ve never been to Texas in the far USA I have heard tell about what a BIG place (and such an \”untamed\” place) it truly can be!The truth be told my wife and I were great fans of your television show \”Dallas\”. Anyway…fun blog lad. One bit of advice, however. Don\’t be knocking the food in Texas UNTIL you\’ve tasted the fine cuisine here in Ireland.Enough said, ;)

  2. My old company did the debut of this place when they came to Dallas. Only the finest San Antonio sushi for my king!

  3. I don\’t think you can use the word \”both\” if you have 3 places. Maybe \”throth\”?And this place sounds pretty spectacular compared to rolls here. Several of my coworkers were complaining that the radiation from my monitor was \”too spicy\” just because you mentioned sriracha.

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