Walkabout Day 2: Summary

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It was much harder to find WiFi in New Mexico and Arizona. But on the good side, many many many more pictures were taken. The journey today started in Las Vegas, NM and ended in Flagstaff AZ with stops in Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Petrified Forest National Park featuring the Painted Desert. Meteor Crater was closed when I got there. Probably spent to much time in looking for parking in Sante Fe.

Day 2 Quick Hits

  • Beautiful clear, cool morning — 60° ish.
  • What is with the douche wearing a Bluetooth at the complimentary continental breakfast. He\’s staying at a Super8 for chrisake with his wife and 3 kids. Who\’s he trying to impress, Sanjiv behind the checkin desk?
  • Note to the people of Santa Fe. I get it. You guys really really like adobe. Now let\’s move on.
  • I nominate Santa Fe as the best city in the US to play Homeless Guy or College Student.
  • Speaking of the homeless, what\’s with letting them sell newspaper in the middle of the street?
  • Despite my rant, there is a definite pleasing aesthetic in New Mexico. Most everything looks nice. I saw a Burger King that was gorgeous.
  • I\’m starting to think that planning to go to the Grand Canyon on a Saturday was not the smartest thing I ever did. What was? Shortening \”Too much information!\” to \”TMI!\”

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  1. Maybe I\’ll work on getting the King an endorsement contract with BK?

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