Walkabout Day 3: Pictures

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  1. How do we know you are actually gone? I mean you\’re not in any of these pictures. For all we know, you\’re just sitting in your house giggling as you post pictures from someone else\’s vacation…I mean, how can we be certain without cheesy shots of you next to signs that tell \”hey steve really was there and he\’s having such a good time\”

  2. i totally support magpie\’s comment. steve – get in a damn photo already! use that cool technology called \”timer\” on your camera. or heck, use that southern charm to ask a fellow tourist to snap a shot. work it….work it…work it!

  3. king wally, you need to work it so the \”little prince\” can enjoy the trip, too.i did like how the forest in arizona apparently had asphalt for ground cover.also, as a fellow blogger, this is cheating. anyone can make the grand canyon be cool. try having the \”natural beauty\” surrounding you be the world\’s largest collection of tools in taint-cuts and popped-collar polo shirts.

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