Walkabout Day 3: Summary

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Day 3 travel took me from Flagstaff AZ to Palm Springs CA with a detour through Sunset Crater National Park, Wapatki National Monument and the Grand Canyon.

Day 3 Quick Hits

  • In Arizona there are no Mexican Restaurants. They\’re all called Mexican and American restaurants. I guess they\’re still feeling the sting of giving up the Gadsden Purchase.
  • While standing at Starbucks in Flagstaff I saw this dude and wondered \”Do the guys with the large flat-billed trucker hats know how ridiculous they look. Do chicks dig it??\”
  • On the way up to the GC, every lookout point has a Navajo trinkets booth. It\’s the usual stuff — pottery, blankets, jewelry. Isn\’t it time to update the Native American image? Maybe sell a line of fine fountain pens, or maybe sign people up for Dish Network. Just sayin.
  • It was amazing that most of the people visiting , and it was crowded at the GC, did not speak English. In fact it seemed as though most spoke French, with another large protion speaking German.
  • I\’m not an anti-smoking guy. But shouldn\’t you leave the smokes at home when going to a National Park? There\’s all this delicious, pine-fresh mountain air to breath. So, dude in the goofy bike hat, do you really need a smoke at every lookout point??
  • I filled the Xterra up with gas in Needles, CA. It had to be well over 100° at 7pm.
  • While driving into California, everyone, not just trucks, have to stop and be asked about if you\’re carrying any fresh fruits, veggies etc. You read it here first. California — Nazi-like police state.
  • For about 90 minutes in Cali, I had to drive on a small, two-lane desert highway. It was dark, dusty, undulating and quite scary. I couldn\’t help but wonder if an over-enunciating Tina Turner would greet me at the end of the trip and inexplicably refer to me as Raggedy Man.
  • Also, on that desert hiway, I saved the life of a desert fox by not running him over.
  • Day 4 Preview: Joshua Tree National Park

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  1. listen, hippy boy, you just screwed over the general desert fox population. now they have one more set of loser-can\’t-avoid-cars-on-its-own genes, thanks to your bleeding heart.To paraphrase one of my favorite Jewish comics, \”[SUVs are] for family protection, hunting dangerous or delicious animals, and keeping the king of England out of your face!\”

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