Eating California: In-N-Out Burger

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In-N-Out burger is a veritable institution in California. Its reputation as the best fast food burger in California traveled to Dallas through numerous Cowboy Training camp visits from The Ticket guys. Trips to the In-N-Out were usually the denouement of any late night drunken Corby story. So the second I crossed the border and saw my first In-N-Out, I headed right to the drive-thru.

The menu of In-N-Out is very simple – Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Double Double. You then tell them if you want it with onions and if you want fries or a drink. No Chipotle Guacamole Angus on Chibatta here. So, I ordered a Double Double with onions but no cheese. I later checked the website and it said I should have order just a Double Meat. Next time I guess.

The burger was very good. It is very reminiscent of a Whataburger. It has that same flavor, only maybe a little juicier. The fries were generic fast food fries.

While I think it did live up to its reputation, I don\’t think it is overall as good as Whataburger since I could not put bacon or jalapenos on it.


Multiple locations in California, Arizona and Nevada

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  1. I too heard of these \”famous\” In-N-Out Burger joints. When I visited California a few years back that\’s all I heard, \”you HAVE to try In-N-Out\”. Yeah – I was highly unimpressed. Give me a Whataburger or Steak and Shake any day! ~ Wolf Lover Girl

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