Eating Williams: Poncho McGillacuddy’s

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Many of the interstates I have traveled on so far have had Business extensions that were once part of the historic US 66. So when I get a chance I always take the extension so I can see the town. On my way from the Grand Canyon I hit IH 40 outside of Williams Arizona and it too had an old Route 66/Business 40 extension. So I took it and ended up in tiny downtown Williams hungry and thinking I could use some of that Arizona style Mexican and American food. Poncho McGillacuddy\’s beckoned.

I walked in and saddled up to the bar, which is what you do in the desert southwest, and ordered me a Shiner and their Diablo Steak. Mmmmmm, the Shiner was cold and tasty, reminding me of many such sips in Texas. The Diablo Steak didn\’t quite live up to the Shiner. The steak itself was small and very very very very (how many can I use???) chewy. And the spicy green sauce that was atop the steak (the Diablo part) was white-people hot. It came with rice and beans. And while the beans were good, who really cares.


Williams, AZ


  1. What are you expecting in an Mexican and American joint with a Mexican and Irish name? You\’re lucky you didn\’t get corned beef and salsa.

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