Sleeping Palm Springs: Caliente Tropics Resort

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Now this is a place to stay. I just wish I hadn\’t gotten here so late, around 11pm, and so tired. This is an old school motor hotel with a South Pacific tiki tourch/Trader Vick\’s like theme. The pool, with its clubhouse bar (nice) had numerous torches surrounding it. And the \”lobby\” was paneled with bamboo. The room itself was slightly larger than normal. The towels were large and soft. The shampoos were of high quality. Since I don\’t use them, I took them for whatever guests I might have at my house. These go to someone I\’m trying to impress. The soaps were also nice with a citrusy scent.


411 E. Palm Canyon Palm Springs, CA


  1. Hi Steve! I was blog hopping and found your site. Love what your doing. I hope you don\’t mind, I linked you on my site. I think my friends will get a kick out of your adventures.Enjoy the walk about!!

  2. How about we start off with \”actually using the automatic shower cleaner\” worthy? Then we move on to the soaps and shampoos.

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