Walkabout Day 4: Summary

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I forgot to start the GPS until I was already an hour into trip. It lost mostly the drive down E. Canyon Blvd and a little of the drive on I-10 to Joshua Tree.

Today\’s journey took me from Palm Springs through Rancho Mirage and Indio, to Joshua Tree National Park ending up in Barstow. With the Cowboy opener, and to rest a bit, there was a very limited amount of driving today.

Day 4 Quick Hits

  • While sitting at Sloan\’s I noticed a crotchety old man and his wife walk in. He had a big puss on his face and waved his hand at the hostess and told her, angrily \”Just sit us\”. Once at their table he wouldn\’t sit because \”there\’s goddamn water on this chair.\” Now, there were four chairs to choose from. Given that his wife should take a dry one, that leaves two dry seats. So why make a big thing about it and stand until that chair is dried? Seriously, what makes people get like this, so bitter and angry at everything? I know what did it for me. But I want to know what happened to others.
  • While driving to Barstow, in one of the little towns on the way I witnessed this 600 lbs. dude (at least) cross the street in his Rascal. And I\’ve wondered for a while if we as a society should allow the morbidly obese access to Rascals and the like. Do we really want to make it easier to get to the Carl\’s Jr? And, yes, there was really a Carl\’s Jr across the street, where he was heading. The old people can still have access. Shit, I just picked up a catalog my own self.

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