Walkabout Day 5: Summary

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Today\’s adventure took me from Barstow to Fresno with what I sheepishly refer to as a little bit of an adventure in Sequoia National Park.
Since most of today\’s events are chronicled in another post, I only have one quicky quick hit.
There was road work going on at Sequoia. The already narrow two lane road was reduced to one lane, with uphill and downhill traffic alternating every half hour. The temperature was in the low 90s or so at this part of the park. I hadn\’t yet made it up the mountain. So elevation was only about 1000 feet, maybe. So I was getting no elevation related relief.
But, as I\’m sweating in the XTerra browsing the literature I received at the park entrance, a cool mountain breeze swept through the car. Truly this will be a great day.

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