Walkabout Day 6: Summary

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I hope I haven\’t frightened anyone with my not posting last night. I got into the hotel in Oakhurst late and I was very tired after a long day.

Today\’s journey took me from Fresno to Oakhurst with a visit to Kings Canyon National Park and a return visit to Sequoia. I wanted to see if I could successfully complete a trip there without getting myself lost.

Day 6 Quick Hits

  • What an interesting smell this morning in Fresno. It\’s reminiscent of growing up in Ft. Worth and the wind would shift and the stench of the stockyards (back when there was actual stock there) would fill the city.
  • With all this mountain driving I\’ve been doing, I\’ve have opportunity to use my extensive \”Hot Brakes Fail\” training. That was pretty much a joke for one reader.
  • I\’m sure you\’re asking how I could possibly afford all the entry fees to all the parks I\’ve been to. I must be filthy rich. Well, yes I am. And thank you for asking. But the parks service has, for just $80 an annual pass that gets you into all the Nation Parks/Forests/Monuments and the like. Had I not had the pass, I would have already spent over $100. The Grand Canyon alone was $25. And I still have 3 or 4 more parks to go to.
  • For some reason, every third car I see at Sequoia/Kings is a PT Cruiser.
  • The Germans have moved from the Grand Canyon and have invaded Sequoia. Shouldn\’t they be home getting ready for Oktoberfest?


  1. If it\’s all German tourists..than just queue up the following on the ipod, roll down the Xterra window and you\’ll be face deep in fraulein in no time:The HoffFalcoNena (99 Luftballoons)Limahl (I don\’t know if he\’s German, but he sang the them to the NeverEnding Story. Good enough for me.)

  2. You are probably the only US American in the park, because uh, some, people out there, in our nation don’t have maps.At least that was our experience at Canyonlands and Arches.

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