Eating Fresno: El Torrito

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Attention restaurants of the world. If you want me to say nice things about you, regardless of the quality of your food, supply me with ice cold schooners of Sierra Nevada.

El Torrito basically shared a parking lot with the La Quita I was staying at. So after defying death I showered up, walked over and order a Sierra Nevada.

\”Larger or Small\”, the bartender asked.

Do I even have to tell you my choice?

I went simple and ordered the Beef Fajitas, and munched on the chips and salsa. The chips were the thick hearty kind like you get at On The Border. Normally that would be a minus. But I actually like their chips. They\’re usually what I buy from the store. The salsa was fresh with some nice heat and a back note of oregano. Christ I\’m starting to sound really gay with this stuff.

The fajitas were ok. The accompanying tortillas were fresh. There was a tiny side of corn pudding which was great. Hey, could we have something more than a half teaspoon???

I assume this is a California chain of some sort. And I would normally rip this place, I\’m sure. But given the events of the day and the deliciously cold Sierras, I\’m going to be generous.




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