Eating Oakhurst: Katie’s Country Kitchen

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I guarantee if this place were in east Texas, Country would be spelled with a K.

This place was a delight. It\’s exactly the kind of diner I like to see – one harried waitress and one old man on the grill. I, of course, ordered the French Toast combo with scrambled eggs and bacon. This is some of the best French Toast I\’ve had since Vermont. It was fluffy and eggy with a hint of cinnamon. The bacon was mangled and wrinkled; like you get at home, nice. And the eggs tasted like something. Oh, yeah. They tasted like eggs.

The coffee was just ok. Let\’s be honest, diners don\’t do coffee well. If you want good coffee you have to go to a specialty coffee shop. Although there are some diners in Vermont that would have something to say about this.

My only complaint concerns their beer menu. No, I didn\’t order a beer for breakfast. I\’m not an alcoholic, as far as you know. But this place also serves lunch and dinner, where a beer would be a beverage one would want to consume. Well, as many places do, the beer Is split into Imported and Domestic lists. And to my amazement, Sierra Nevada was in the Imported list. WHAT??? It couldn\’t be less imported. You\’re in the fucking Sierra Nevada mountains!!! It couldn\’t be less imported if it were called Katie\’s Country Kitchen Pale Ale. So, please, stop insulting us. Call it Premium and Yellow Swill instead.



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  1. This is why Texas bars have Shiner Bock as an Imported. They don\’t like it when you argue the point, either.Also, as a German resident headed to Oktoberfest, beer is perfectly fine for breakfast. Unless it\’s at an AA meeting.

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