Walkabout Day 7: Summary

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I certainly didn\’t plan to do so much driving today. After all, I\’m staying in the same hotel two nights in a row. But, after doing Glacier Point and Yosemite Valley, I let at a yawn and asked, \”Is that all there is?\” I checked the map and saw there was an east-west road that went through the park. I thought maybe there would be stuff to see there. The problem, however, was I would be so far away from my hotel once on the other side. Instead of going back through the park, I decided to go up and over the park. Not realizing how slow one has to drive through whindy mountain roads, I miscalculated when I would get home. I had figured around 8ish. Plenty of time to swing by a local restaurant that had caught my eye – Crab Cakes. But I got home at 10:30pm. Even the Taco Bell was closed. So I went to the liquor store and picked up a sixer of the eponymous Sierra Nevada.

Speaking of whindy mountain roads, I\’ve had about and ass-full of them. These mountain roads truly are like discarded string tossed upon the mountainside disguising the face of the devil. Yeah I stole that one. So, I\’m cutting my stay at Yosemite short. I had originally planned 1 day at Sequoia and 2 days here. So I reversed them. It is all largely the same stuff. And I\’m eager to see something different. So I\’m heading to Petaluma to worship at the altar of Lagunitas.

Day 7 Quick Hits

  • OK. Now I\’m really scared. There are leather clad German bikers staying at my hotel.
  • You\’ve seen the signs all your life: Deer X-ing. Well, I actually saw it happen on the Sonora Pass Road. I just don\’t know where they got the glow sticks.
  • More foreigners at Yosemite. The Germans still were the most vocal/visible. But this time there were quite a number of Chinese and Aussies. There was also a Polish family and a couple that spoke some combination of Spanish sounds and eastern Europe. Still very few Americans except for old tour groups. Clearly the Euros know when to come to our national parks so they don\’t have to interact with us dirty Americans.
  • It is very windy and very chilly at 9500 feet.


  1. You must have run into the rare and elusive Slovexicans. Super hard workers, but have been known to randomly assasinate minor regional aristocracy. Beets on a tortilla chip should be enough to placate them…

  2. The Germans are just trying to fit in, based on their observations of Americans here.And I\’m not being obnoxious when drunk: i\’m trying to live up to expectations.

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