Walkabout Day 8: Summary

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Wow. Really? 8 days. Kick ass and go Stars.

Today\’s journey took me from Oakhurst CA to Santa Rosa CA. There was very little to see in between; so, no pix today. I\’ll combine the handful of pictures from Day 8 with the Day 9 pictures.

Day 8 Quick Hits

  • At least in the area I\’m staying, I declare Santa Rosa the chain restaurant capital of California. If there weren\’t mountains in the area, I would swear I was in Plano.
  • In the Bay Area, lots of bumper stickers and makeshift roadside signs declaring \”Impeach Bush\”, \”The War is a Lie\” and the like. But the one that really had my head a-scratchin\’ was on a Prius that said \”Nature Bats Last\”. What does this mean? That nature is the home team and bats at the bottom of the inning and thus has the final say. Or that nature is a weak hitting second baseman and bats 9th. Or is it a product – Nature Bats – and they last longer than Louisville Sluggers.


  1. It means nature is dude #9 in a 10-person orgy.It has to deal with a substantial mess that has been left by everyone that has come (mark) before it and has a damaged and worn out landscape in front of it to work with. That\’s what \”nature bats last\” means.

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