Walkabout Day 9: Summary

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Today, the Xterra and I journeyed from Santa Rosa to Arcata California. The initial part of the trip went south to just north of San Francisco (confusing?) to pickup California Highway 1 – The Pacific Coast Highway. I was in much need of a change of scenery, and boy did I get it, as the pictures will bear out.

Day 9 Quick Hits

  • The first casualty of the trip has occurred. I have been vigilant in keeping track of my possessions. But it appears I have left my gray fleece somewhere.
  • Petaluma smelled of shit. This is no doubt what happens when a town goes organic. Or maybe it\’s all the cattle ranches to the west. I report, you decide.
  • So I\’m in Petaluma. It\’s a beautiful day, except for that manure smell. I walk by a 24 Fitness and see all these people sweating on their treadmills and Lifecycles and wonder, \”What the fuck is wrong with you? You live in a beautiful city. It\’s a beautiful day. Get outside and do that shit.\” I did see lots of bikes as it is.
  • I was in Petaluma to visit Lagunitas. Well, I drove by. It\’s nothing more than one of many business in a very average office park. They were very busy, though. So much so that the truck being loaded blocked the only sign to distinguish this particular business — thus, no picture.
  • Any time I smell the ocean I am immediately taken back to my childhood summers at the Jersey shore. Ahhhhh, good times.
  • The PCH is spotted with these tiny little towns like Point Reyes and Bodega Bay. They are like from out of some combination of Frank Capra picture and a Christmas postcard, only without the snow. In fact, much of California\’s northern coast reminds me of upstate New York and Vermont.

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