Walkabout Day 10: Summary

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The journey today started from Arcata CA to Seattle WA. There were not many stops as I need to to get to Seattle as quickly as possible since Michelle had a business trip to take on Monday.

Day 10 Quick Hits:

  • No pictures again today. Days 10 and 11 will be combined tomorrow in a gallery.
  • Yeah! I found the fleece. I knew if I mentioned that it was MIA, it would show up. Ok, I really didn\’t, but that\’s a better story.
  • Just crossing into Oregon, and the first small town has a guy at the main intersection holding a sign that says, \”HONK if you want to Impeach Bush.\” Now I studied the constitution in high school and college and even reread it from time to time. I am unfamiliar with any clause that calls for the impeachment of a president based on the number \”honks\” received at an intersection.
  • I got my first gas in Oregon. I forgot that, like New Jersey, there is no self serve gas in Oregon. So I had to have some meth addict pump my gas for me. This will certainly weight heavy on my decision to move here.
  • Yikes! Who knew that Oregon would be teaming with white trash. This place is basically Alabama with better weather and mountains.

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